Assessment only - €250

Dr Justin Roche - Consultant Paediatrician
Feeding Assessment- Feeding Specialist (IBCLC)

Assessment & Treatment of Tie(s) - €450

Assessment as above plus:
Procedure using CO2 laser and Aftercare
Dr Justin Roche - Consultant Paediatrician
Post-division Feeding Support - Feeding Specialist (IBCLC)
Neonatal Physiotherapist assessment and Bodywork
Follow up support

Team Review - €200

Patients previously seen in clinic concerned about reattachment
Dr Justin Roche - Consultant Paediatrician
Feeding Specialist (IBCLC)
Neonatal Physiotherapist


If your child is on your healthcare insurance there is a €100 reduction if a procedure is carried out.
Please ensure your child has been added to the policy prior to your appointment and please bring the relevant paperwork with you

All patients can be provided with a MED1 form to facilitate claiming the costs against your tax return.

Dr Roche also offers a public clinic at South Tipperary General Hospital. There is no fee for this service. Referrals for the Public Clinic should be sent to Dr Justin Roche, Consultant Paediatrician, South Tipperary General Hospital, Clonmel, County Tipperary.