We offer a full tongue tie and lip tie consultation and division service to infants under 12 months old.

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Dr Roche has 3 dedicated tongue tie/lip tie clinics a week;

Public Clinic


South Tipperary General Hospital

Private Clinics


National Tongue Tie Centre, Clonmel

For the public clinic a referral is required from either a GP, PHN or lactation consultant. The multi-disciplinary team is only available in the private clinic at The Infant Feeding Centre. A member of the team will maintain contact with you over the days/weeks following division.

In the private clinic you are welcome to self-refer as this offers an avenue for parents who have concerns regarding tongue tie or lip tie in their infant, irrespective of how their baby is fed.You can book an appointment on the website, which allows you to select a date and time that suits you. If you are breastfeeding we strongly recommend that you also seek the advice of a lactation consultant in your home area for support both prior to and following division. During your appointment you will have a consultation with Dr Roche, division of tongue tie/lip tie if indicated, feeding support from our feeding specialist (IBCLC) and advice on aftercare from our physiotherapist.

For current waiting times for a Public Clinic appointment please contact 052 6177033. Due to demand for this service the wait is typically between three to five months

In the Private Clinic we try to provide an appointment within a week. We also hold a cancellation list for the next available clinic which you can an email to join once you have booked online.