Situated in a quiet rural location, with views of the Comeragh and Galtee Mountains in County Tipperary, we have created a baby and parent-centred space dedicated to improving infant feeding. This is the culmination of over a decade of experience treating babies with tongue tie and we have a calm relaxed atmosphere in the clinic.

We understand that many of you have had difficult feeding journeys before you reach us in clinic. We understand that if your baby is having feeding issues, be it as a newborn with weight issues or as an older baby with colic or difficulty eating, it causes a lot of worry and disruption to family life. Our aim is to understand your difficulties and give you the support and information to achieve the best possible feeding outcome following your baby's visit.

If you are breastfeeding, our lactation consultants have the expertise, experience and passion for breastfeeding to help you achieve your goal, be it exclusive breastfeeding, combination feeding or even relactation, if you wish to consider this option.

In clinic we can set you up with a supplementary feeding system (SNS), if necessary, to help a baby who is not taking sufficient volumes of feeds be supplemented at the breast. This can prevent confusion between breast and bottle during the period of retraining a baby's feeding technique. We can also advise you on weaning from the use of nipple shields and how to heal damaged nipples

Dr Roche can prescribe APNO cream for damaged nipples, antibiotics for mastitis or antifungal treatment if required. He can also prescribe medications, if required, for your baby.

If you are bottle feeding, our feeding specialist will demonstrate paced bottle feeding following release of your baby's tongue tie. This can help ensure your baby is exercising their tongue functionally whilst feeding and reduce air swallowing.

As a Paediatrician, Dr Roche will review any medications such as Losec or Zantac or any specialised formula such as hydrolysed or thickened preparations and formulate a plan to wean off them once your baby starts to show reduced symptoms of colic and reflux following division.

If your baby's issues are related to weaning and solids we can advise on ways to reduce an over-active gag reflex, improve tongue co-ordination and develop a positive relationship with different food types.

We offer a full tongue tie and lip tie consultation and division service to children of all ages. Please find links to information for infants under 9 months old below.

Tongue Tie


Lip Tie