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The only CO2 Laser Tongue Tie Clinic in Ireland, the optimal tool for soft tissue surgery
Tongue Tie division and frenuloplasty without the need for General Anaesthetic

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We hope you enjoy looking at all the information that we have available and feel free to download the information leaflets/booklets. We offer a cutting edge, world class service in a friendly and rural setting. We have created a family-centred space which is the culmination over a decade of experience treating tongue tie and we have a calm, relaxed atmosphere in the clinic. We welcome both breastfed and bottle fed babies as both can experience symptoms of tongue tie.

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Why do I use a laser for division?

All Tongue Tie or Lip Tie divisions at the National Tongue Tie Centre are completed using a CO2 laser. My personal preference is to use a CO2 laser for division of both tongue and lip ties. Having performed tongue tie divisions with scissors for 9 years before switching initially to a diode laser and then on to a CO2 laser, the advantages that I have seen are: greater precision of division as it is possible to visualise and divide the tie to the appropriate fascial layer, no bleeding for nearly all patients and less inflammation and pain following the procedure.