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Eva has worked in Administration in South Tipperary General Hospital for over a decade. She began there in 2005 in hospital bed management and innovatively gathered an accumulation of statistics for the hospital which were later used for the National Performance Monitoring Unit. She also worked in Medical Man Power and Payroll Personnel for 2 years which involved recruitment, payroll and general clerical duties for all disciplines in the hospital. Eva travelled to New Zealand and Australia in 2008/2009 where she worked as a Civic Facilities Co-Ordinator in Yarra city, Victoria. As part of this role she organised various events in the three town halls Fitzroy, Collingwood and Richmond and met with a diversity of people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. On her return to South Tipperary General Hospital she worked in the Emergency Department for five years which gave her experience in communicating with the public and also all disciplines in the Health Service from Paramedics to Doctors. Eva currently works in the Healthcare Records Department where patient records are correlated for various outpatient appointment visits to South Tipperary General Hospital. She is currently at the final stage of completing a level eight certificate in HRM through WIT (Cert pending) which adds to her professional development and her management skills.
Her interests are mountaineering on sunny days and spinning on wet evenings. She also enjoys knitting on a lazy evening with children’s toys being her favourite to create.

Why do I use a laser for division?

All Tongue Tie or Lip Tie divisions at the National Tongue Tie Centre are completed using a CO2 laser. My personal preference is to use a CO2 laser for division of both tongue and lip ties. Having performed tongue tie divisions with scissors for 9 years before switching initially to a diode laser and then on to a CO2 laser, the advantages that I have seen are: greater precision of division as it is possible to visualise and divide the tie to the appropriate fascial layer, no bleeding for nearly all patients and less inflammation and pain following the procedure.